Boating Information


Westlake lake residents wishing to use or place a boat on Westlake Lake must apply and obtain a permit from WLMA. Application forms are available at the WLMA office. To obtain a permit, the owner completes an application form, insures the boat with the required level of insurance coverage, provides a certificate of insurance with WLMA named as an additional named insured and pays the annual fee set by and payable to WLMA. The fee is prorated monthly for applications made during the year. If the application is approved, WLMA issues a permanent boat number sticker, to be placed on the stern, and an annual permit decal to be placed on the permanent boat number sticker. Both sticker and decal must be externally displayed on the hull of a boat before it may be used or placed on the lake. Neither permanent number nor decal is transferable to another boat.

Boat owners must renew the permit for a boat annually on the 1st of January, in order to maintain it, by payment of the annual fee, providing proof of boat continuing insurance and displaying the renewal decal by February 15th. No permit will be issued while prior fines or assessments remain unpaid.

WLMA’s Marina

A waiting list exists for boat owners interested in mooring a boat at WLMA’s marina. A $200 refundable deposit is necessary to secure a place on the waiting list. Please contact the WLMA office for more information.

Interested in Purchasing a New or Used Boat?

Local residents selling used boats may post an advertisement on the WLMA office bulletin board. Feel free to contact or stop by the WLMA office to determine what boats are currently advertised for sale. Three boat vendors sell new and used boats. Check out their web sites at: and

Duffy Boats

(805) 233-5019


(805) 374-9455

Looking for a Vendor to Clean your Boat?

The following companies or individuals work around the lake cleaning boats. WLMA is providing multiple names as a courtesy to residents and does not endorse or recommend any particular vendor.

Electra Craft

(805) 374-9455

Below the Waterline Diving Service

(310) 918-5631

Barry Boat Services

(818) 857-8707

Looking for a Vendor to Repair or Replace Your Dock?

The following is a list of companies or individuals who have presented their contact information to Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA) related to building and/or repairing docks.

WLMA takes no responsibility as to workman’s compensation, quality, insurance coverage or any other implied warranty.

M. D. Construction, Larry Burgess

1360 Gardenia, Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 987-1586

One West Construction – Leonard Parise

587 F. Ventu Park Road, Newbury Park, CA 91320

(805) 499-5597

Perfect Patios


9-5-527-0947 Fax

Swift Slip -Dock & Pier Builders Inc.


949-631-3122 Fax

Champion Construction – David Champion


818-575-7081 Fax

Lorentson General Contractors

(805) 496-8408

(805) 341-7237 Cell

Westlake Yacht Club

The Westlake Yacht Club has a long term relationship with WLMA. This relationship was originally envisioned by the developers of Westlake Village and is documented in WLMA’s governing CC&Rs. The WLMA Board of Representatives meets monthly at the Club.

The Yacht Club is a working arm of WLMA, providing boating recreational activities on the lake for Club members and non members. The Club sponsors a dynamic junior sailing program for Westlake’s youth. The Club has produced two Olympic Gold Medalists and has been honored by the Southern California Yachting Association as the “Yacht Club of the Year”. Westlake residents, with or without boats, may join the Club and enjoy the use of Club owned electric and sail boats on the lake.

The Club is known for sponsoring our Lake’s Holiday Season Parade of Lights, the 4th of July Boat Parade and the Charity Sail a Thon in August. Club members and non members are encouraged to participate in these events and to compete for prizes for the best decorated boat.

Our WLMA President, along with other Westlake Village officials, serve as honorary members of the Club during their tenure. WLMA and the Club collaborate on the needs of our Lake’s boaters and sailors. A beautiful and navigable lake, free of hazards, is essential to a successful recreational boating program.

WLMA salutes the Yacht Club for its excellent work and for the many volunteers who devote untold hours to the betterment of our Lake and our WLMA community. For more information, visit the Yacht Club’s web site at

WLMA Boat Rules (Excerpt from WLMA Rules & Regs)

18. No boat that exceeds eighteen feet (18′ 0″) in overall length or exceeds eight feet six, inches (8′ 6″) in maximum beam, may be on the Lake. Exceptions are: (a) Work boats of WLMA and of WLMA authorized work contractors, and (b) rowing shells which may exceed the eighteen foot (18′ 0″) limitation at the written approval of WLMA. Prohibited completely from the Lake are multi-hulled sailboats, inflatable boats or rafts, wind-surfers, surfboards, jet-skis, motor surfers, standup paddleboards and water skiers. Any such illegal category of watercraft or activity on the Lake will be considered an immediate safety hazard under the Rules.

19. All power boats must be electrically propelled except for those used by WLMA, any approved boat service concessionaire licensed by WLMA, and the Westlake Yacht Club patrol boat involved with regattas and other sailing activities.


20. Federal and State law requires boat users to follow the “Rules of the Road” under the Inland Navigation Rules Act. Boaters at Westlake are primarily governed operationally by the California Harbors and Navigation Code and related Vehicle Code. WLMA further emphasizes and directs boaters to be familiar with the package of information titled: “Important Reminder for Electric and Sail Boaters” (Attachment 1). WLMA is not a government agency and exercises control in matters of safety and reasonable use of Westlake Lake only under its corporate jurisdiction.

21. When loaded, boats must be maintained in balanced condition to avoid capsizing. Boats may not be loaded beyond the manufacturer’s recommended capacity.

22. All equipment used on any boat shall conform to California State Boating Laws and, among other items, each operating boat shall carry a Coast Guard-approved life jacket (personal floatation device type I, II, III, or V) for each person on board and additionally, as to boats over 16′, one throw able flotation device (type IV).

23. It is recommended that all children and non-swimmers while under way, and children under seven years of age while on docks or boats moored to docks, wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Under California law, children under 12 years of age on board a boat operating under 26 feet in length shall wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket type I, II, or III; failure to wear is an infraction under such State law with the responsible person(s) subject to a governmental fine.

24. Any person under the age of fourteen (14) operating a powerboat on the Lake must be accompanied in the boat by a parent or other responsible adult in the boat.

25. No boating activities, nor activities on docks, are permitted earlier than 1 hour before sunrise or later than 11:00 p.m. except in an emergency or for return to home dock. (See 26 below)

26. All low profile boats and other watercraft, including but not limited to all kayaks, skulls, pedal boats, sail boats, fishing boats, etc., with or without running lights, and/or, with or without power, are not permitted on the Lake one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. All other single hull boats, and party boats, are permitted on the Lake between sunset and 11:00 p.m. (see 25 above), however, they must be equipped with fixed running lights (not clamp ons, flash lights, lanterns, candles etc,) and they must have their fixed running lights turned on and showing between sunset and sunrise and during restricted visibility. Docking lights are used for docking purposes only.

27. No boat shall exceed five (5) miles per hour except patrol boats on emergency calls. The speed limit in finger basins is three (3) miles per hour.