Dear Members of Westlake Lake Community,

As we welcome the arrival of summer and the various fun and festivities on the lake, I would like to provide a reminder below of some of the boating safety guidelines.

Important Note: Despite Westlake Lake being a private lake and community, the boating rules on the lake are still governed by the California Harbors and Navigation Code and related Vehicle Code. The State publishes a useful booklet title ABCs of California Boating that can be found on the WLMA website ( Other WLMA lake rules & policies are on the website (e.g., anti-harassment, organized lake activities & parades – political or other, fishing).

Exercise the “Golden Rule” – Please be Considerate of Other Boaters: First and foremost, please be courteous and neighborly to other boaters, and our lake patrol.

Life Jackets for Children under 13 Years Old – It’s Simply the Law!: Please discuss with children that this law is for their own protection and sets the right example for other children.

Follow Boating Direction of Travel – Stay on Right Side: When driving on the lake or inlet, the direction of travel is simply to keep your right shoulder to the shore (like driving a car on streets!).

Keep a Safe Distance from Other Boats – Common Sense?: Please keep a safe distance from other boats – don’t assume all boaters are aware of the direction of travel.

Sailboats have the “Right of Way”: Sailboats always have the right of way to other boats. Please respect this “right of way” when you see sailboat regattas on the lake and other sailboats.

Boat Navigation Lights at Night are Required: Proper lights on your boat at night not only helps you see clearly but also makes you more visible to others, reducing the risk of accidents.

Balance Weight Distribution on Boat: Improper weight distribution or overloading can cause the following: navigation problems, boat taking on water, and damage or even sinking the boat. Yes, boats have sunk on the lake due to improper weight distribution!

No Throwing or Launching Projectiles or Fireworks, Using Water Guns: This is dangerous to other boaters, and plastic from water balloons is harmful to our fish and wildlife (and in violation of related fish and wildlife State regulations).

Call 911 In an Emergency! WLMA lake patrol assists with monitoring boating safety during lake hours; however, in case of any emergency on the lake at any hour, you should immediately call 911. The lake patrol team are instructed to do the same since they are not considered “first responders”. The 911 emergency Fire Dept & Sheriff personnel are the first responders and equipped to handle emergencies swiftly and efficiently, and they train on the lake on safety and how to access the lake in an emergency.

Lake Hours: Westlake Lake operating hours are 1 hour before sunrise and closes promptly at 11:00 PM. Please be especially mindful of this closing time and plan your activities accordingly.

Let’s embrace the summer spirit with enthusiasm and a strong commitment to safety.

– Chip Lightfoot President, Westlake Lake Management Association