August 4, 2022

Dear WLMA Board Members: Hope you’re enjoying your summer, and this month OFF, from our regular board meetings! The Executive Board met this Tuesday and we’re continuing to oversee lake operations and management along with Nick Smith (Lake Manager).

You will receive our minutes in the September board packet, and you can review Nick’s Lake Report on our website: The website is up and running and it looks great! A couple of points to note: Nick and Steve Patterson have spent days cleaning out the debris below the dam, and reviewing the drains below the dam to insert cameras for inspections.

Our “Operations and Lake Management” book is in the process of updating and review.

We wish to thank Ret.Rear Admiral Tim Sullivan for his excellent presentation on our EAP (Emergency Action Plan) which is still in review with the governmental agency. We have “high” hopes of its completion soon!

Nick and Steve have had great success with installing aeration unit(s) on specific docks to circulate the water whereby algae are somewhat dissipated. It has improved the clarity of the water in those areas. There will be more discussion on this in September, and hoping to add additional units in specific fingers.

In October, Community Outreach with Linda Catlin and Chip Lightfoot and our Investment Committee, will have a Morgan Stanley presentation from 4:30-5:30. If you’re interested in our investment policy thus far, I ask that you attend.

The budget for 2023 is being prepared and will be presented in the next few months, once completed. As you may guess, the costs of “everything” has significantly risen. We are working on maintaining the management and operations of our lake and staff with that in mind.

If you did not attend, the Retirement party for Carl Koenig was a great success. He was overwhelmed with the participation and the heartwarming cards and gifts. WLMA gave Carl one of his “WLMA” shirts, framed!!! He loved it! Special thanks to Debbie Denton and Anna Molina for putting that together.

Enjoy your vacation!

Lisa Carl, President

January 6, 2022

Dear WLMA Board Members:
Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a better, happier, healthier year so our focus will be on moving forward and staying positive.

As the newly elected president of WLMA, I’m very excited about our new Executive Committee, as well as the additions to our full Board. That being said, we haven’t started off quite the way we all hoped. Over the Christmas holiday we had over 12 inches of water bringing 29 miles of urban runoff debris into the lake.

Our team of Lake personnel have spent hours and hours removing as much of the debris as they can; filling our bins to overflow capacity, and we have a steady flow of drop-off and collection by our waste management company.

I know some of you have called the WLMA office to advise them of your inlets/fingers and all the trash that has collected within those fingers. We take all your calls seriously and we will get to those areas as soon as possible.

I hope you will remain patient and understanding of the time and effort our team is putting forward to eliminate the problem and maintain the dam overflow, important to lake control and process. It’s painstakingly slow due to the amount and weight of the debris accumulation.

We, the Executive Committee, plan on disseminating this information to all our residents as soon as possible. We do not have everyone’s email addresses at present, and hope to accumulate as many as possible within the next few months. In the meantime, please help us by sharing the information and letting your neighbors and friends know that we our currently concentrating on cleaning up the lake with all that is involved in doing so.

Thank you for understanding, for spreading the news, and take care and stay healthy!

Lisa Carl