November, 2022

Dear Members:

We’re approaching the end of 2022. Please make sure you attend the General Board meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 5:30 PM at the Yacht Club. It is our election meeting and our last general meeting for this year. You will be voting in our officers for the executive committee and members. There are nine members on the executive committee and you should have received the bio’s through email.

Our annual “HOLIDAY PARTY” will be held on December 20th, 6:00 PM at Boccaccio’s. Anna will be mailing out the flyer/invitation. Please, please make sure you respond regarding your attendance.

A reminder that we have installed ten diffuser aeration units, strategically placed in and around the lake, from the restaurant docks to the dam. The improvement has been significant to adding oxygen to the water. At our last general board meeting, you voted to purchase and install Aqua Thruster aerators within the “worse” inlets to improve water flow during the summer months.

I see, in the weather forecast, RAIN! Much needed and essential to all of us. Please keep the rain in your thoughts and let’s hope and pray for some help with our state’s water issues.

Nick, our Lake Manager, has reported signs of plant growth in the lake, also insuring the overall health of the lake and the Bluegill and Bass. There has also been continued capturing of Carp in and around the “bait stations”. Please read Nick and Steve’s LAKE MANAGEMENT REPORT, when you receive your packets. Lots of information on improvements to our lake health.

We have a new office person, Dana, who is helping Anna maintain our files, phone calls and transferring data into our computer filing system. If you stop by the office, introduce yourself and say “hello!”.

Again, please insure your attendance for the November board meeting.

Lisa Carl, President