Westlake Lake (Lake) is a private lake.  Westlake Lake Management Association, a California nonprofit corporation (WLMA), governs the Lake, acting under the California lake License confirmed to it, and under WLMA’s authority from its governing documents, among them the recorded Westlake Lake Recreational Area Restrictions (CC&Rs).  WLMA solely owns the Lake property [in fee the land under the Lake, the land beyond Lake water edges – described as Perimeter Area in the CC&Rs, and the islands within the Lake] and owns other parcels and property interests around and near the Lake.  WLMA conducts its affairs to further its purposes including, among others: 1) fostering scenic beauty in the Lake environment for the general public, and 2) regulating recreational use of the Lake – for WLMA Members, others within the Westlake Community, and as WLMA otherwise determines.


The Westlake Community is collectively defined in the CC&Rs to include: the Westlake District of the City of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County, the City of Westlake Village in Los Angeles County, and adjacent unincorporated areas in both counties lying within the Westlake development.



WLMA acts to regulate all Lake use and all dock and other construction therein.  WLMA allows no business activity on the Lake except as it approves to further its purposes noted above.


These Westlake Lake Rules and Regulations (Rules), subordinate to the CC&Rs, are adopted by WLMA to further its purposes, and are binding on property owners and residents in the Westlake Community, and all other persons (entities), who use, work at, or otherwise enter upon or around the Lake, collectively “Lake Users”.  No person has any property rights as to the Lake property or Lake use except as WLMA may provide including, among other, easements or licenses for private and public access, utilities and other government purposes, and revocable Lake Permits for Lake Users.


The most recent WLMA Board (Board) approved Rules govern.  The latest Rules certified and published to WLMA Members and posted in the WLMA office shall apply, unless the person acting has actual or constructive notice of a later approved change.  The Rules do not limit WLMA from exercising its full discretion in determining matters and acting to carry out its purposes.


WLMA is sensitive to protecting the Lake against invasive species, such as Quagga/Zebra mussels, and has implemented both prevention and intervention procedures at the Lake – Rule 2.




RULES (Provisions)

  1. PREFACE & RECITALS / RULES INCLUDE INTEGRATED DOCUMENTS.  The Preface and Recitals above are integrated in and are a part of the Rules and have the same force and effect as Rules provisions.  The Rules in this document provide governance and guidance for all Lake Users.  Two additional separate documents, integrated herein as part of the Rules, respectively govern and provide guidance, beyond provisions in this document, for: 1) fishing [Fishing Pamphlet], and 2) dock construction [Dock Construction and Maintenance Rules and Guidelines], and such documents are distributed on request or upon application to fish or for dock construction.

WLMA from time to time prepares /publishes documents to assist in Rules implementation, for example, Lake Permit applications, boat, boat slip and dock Permit agreements, boat vendor and yacht club agreements, informational flyers, and other documents, HOWEVER, SUCH IMPLEMENTING DOCUMENTS AND THEIR CONTENTS SHALL NOT BE CONSIDERED INTERPRETING OR OTHERWISE ADDING TO RULES PROVISIONS.


The Rules including two integrated documents referenced in section 1 above are posted and/or are available in the WLMA office at: 32353 Triunfo Canyon Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361 (818) 889-5377.  READ MORE