Monthly Lake Report


LAKE STATUS: This month’s Jake report highlights significant challenges posed by unprecedented rainfa/1 and subsequent accumulation of debris within the Jake.

Westlake water qua/ity ana/ysis is conducted on a monthly basis at four monitoring sites. Field ana/ysis for parameters of Temperature1 Dissolved Oxygen1 Chlorophyll-a1 (the predominant type of chlorophy/1 found in green plants and algae) ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potentlal) TDS (Total Disso/ved Solids) and pH (potentlal of Hydrogen) are pedormed using a Portable Multl-Parameter meter with an 82ft probe cable. Nutrient samp/es are col/ected and sent to a state certified /ab for analysis. Water clarity is measured with a Secchi dlsk. How does a Secchi disk measure water clarity?

A Secchi disk is a black and white disk connected to a rope1 the rope is marked in 1-foot increments and is lowered by hand into the water to the depth at which it vanishes from sight. The distance to vanlsh/ng is then recorded. The clearer the water, the greater the distance.
RAINFALL ANALYSIS: February witnessed an exceptional volume of rainfall, approximately 16 inches. The excessive precipitation bas contributed to increased runoff, with debris flow entering the lake from numerous drain locations. Undercutting of Concrete shoreline bas been observed in various locations, along with poor water clarity.

DEBRIS ACCUMULATION: The heavy rainfall bas exacerbated the issue of debris accumulation in the /ake. The influx of branches, foliage and miscellaneous items poses a signiflcant challenge to aquatlc ecosystems, and overall lake aesthetics. The Jake crew have worked very bard scooping debris onto their boats and filling many 25-yard dumpsters. To address the urgent need for debrls removal from the Jake, it is crucial to deploy rapid and efficient cleanup strategies to prevent as much debrls as possible from sinking and becoming sediment. lmplementing a coordinated effort involving too/s such as nets, booms and skimmer boats can significantly enhance the speed and effectiveness of debrls collection. With that, lake management staff are in the process of researching what additional tools Westlake Lake could benefit from to improve this process.