Monthly Lake Report


• A half treatment of ALUM Sulphate was applied to the lake on April 11-13. The treatment went very smooth with 2.5cm or 40,000 gallons of product settling into the sediment on the lake floor. We were only able to do the half treatment as the amount of rain we had this winter made the Alkalinity of the water too low for the full 5cm treatment at the time of application.

(The image LEFT shows a pass made by an applicator boat and the milkiness of the ALUM before it settles to the lake bottom)

(The image RIGHT shows the ALUM sitting on the sediment and concrete out cropping from the shoreline)
• The second application will be done most likely in April next year after the winter rains.

• The ALUM will prevent Phosphorus releasing from the sediment and creating Planktonic algae’s during the summer.
Note- There will still be Filamentous algae outbreaks around the shorelines as the application boats needed to avoid spraying ALUM all over docks and boats.

• We do have some Filamentous algae growing around the shorelines right now. This algae pops up when temperatures warm up. It is green in color and referred to as “pond scum” or moss. We will be treating for this latest outbreak on Monday May 1.

• We continue to see a small amount of water flowing into the lake from Potrero creek and water continuing to flow over the dam. This is great to see and will hopefully mean that we can turn on our two wells later than usual this year.

These are pictures of the AquaThruster aerators that we are currently installing at the ends of inlets where debris collects and there is minimal water movement.
With two units placed on either side of the inlet, they will provide constant water movement during the hot summer days.

• Retired Rear Admiral Tim Sullivan will be providing EAP (Emergency Action Plan) training for myself and the lake patrolman at the WLMA office toward the end of May. He will also be working with the yacht club to help train the summer sailing camp instructors.

• Two of my lake patrolmen have recently gone through Quagga mussel inspection training. This now allows them to inspect boats coming into the lake.

• One of three Midge control applications was done this past Monday.

• We have been seeing illegal fishing activity happening at the Triunfo lot and Westlake Bay lot of late. Lake security and patrol have been all over this and will continue to monitor these areas.

• MarinaGo software continues to be installed. Docks 100-900 are complete with boat owner’s names, addresses and boat names.

• We now have a physical address for Well #3 on the Triunfo lot by Potrero creek. This lot has never had an address. Edison required that the lot have a physical address to add the electrical lines that will operate the well.

• Carp control has slowed down the last week or so. We have eradicated around 700 Carp this year and we have been extremely successful over the last couple of months especially. We have not seen nearly the population of Carp that we saw last year spawning along the shorelines and thrashing around which is a great sign. We have also not seen many 1-2lb Carp which tells us that the Carp spawns the last 2 years have not been very successful at all.