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Help Westlake Lake Avoid Mussel Infestation

Westlake Lake Management needs your help on a very important matter!

You may have been reading a local newspaper or have knowledge of the recent Quagga Mussel issue facing fresh water lakes and waterways in the California area. Lake Casitas voted to close their lake to all boat launching earlier this week. Other lakes have restricted, or plan to restrict boat launchings. This strand of mussel has the ability to wreak havoc on a lake and there are no known chemical treatments or natural predators. Please see the enclosed flyer and recent newspaper article which explains more about this specie of mussel and its potential dangers.

This is a very serious issue that our lake is facing. The Executive Board of Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA) took action on this issue at their recent Executive Committee meeting. The decision was made to restrict access to our lake immediately in hopes of averting a disaster taking place in our lake.

We have taken the following steps to prevent an infestation of Quagga Mussels in Westlake Lake:

  • Establish a Quagga Mussel Task Force to fully develop a set of procedures and policies to guide WLMA through this issue.
  • Install a temporary fence and gate across the launch ramp to keep out transient boats and kayaks. A more permanent fence is being planned.
  • We are working with our boat vendors and Westlake Yacht Club to enlist their cooperation.
  • Plans are being developed to accommodate those affected with other options.

We need your help! It is imperative that small boats and kayaks that have been in other bodies of water do not enter Westlake Lake. We know many of you have small boats or kayaks used in other lakes or you know of people who possess these crafts. Please do not remove any boat or kayak from our lake environment. If you do remove a boat or kayak from our lake environment, do not re-launch it in our lake without written approval from our Lake Manager, Carl Koenig, in our lake office. He can be reached at 818-889-5377. If you see anyone else launching a kayak or small boat that may have been in another body of water, please request the owner not to launch and contact Carl immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Blindbury
President, Westlake Lake Management Association